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About Bonnie's Place - Maine Made Treasures
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Bonnie's Place was established in 2011, originally in Edgecomb, Me. After 6 months of long drives and no real business, I packed up what I had and reopened in a converted garage bay on my property. I grew and was able to build a new building closer to the road, but still on my property. We started with 7 original Craftsmen and have grown to over 110 in 2024.  Slow and steady wins the race and we are filled with some amazing talent from all over the state. We are located on Mill Street in Rockport, right off of Route 90 and share our road with Avena Botanical Gardens, Mill Street Property Landscaping combined with Roots and Shoots, Honey Bee Hill Ceramics and of course on the corner, The Furniture Craftsmanship School. So, we may seem a bit off the beaten path, but we are in good company. We do sit a bit off the road, but have a great front porch for sitting and watching wild life if you are done admiring all the beauty inside. Worth the ride because as you know the best treasures are always off the beaten path! Hope to see you soon!

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288 Mill St, Rockport, ME 04856, USA      Email:             Phone: 207 975-9508

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